HD TV Dreams

I am finally starting to tip toe in to the market for a high definition television, so like any other major purchase I’m going to over-analyze everything and share the information I’ve learned with you!

Where am I at?  Well, right now we’ve got 3 TVs in the house and the “newest” one was bought third-hand out of someone’s garage for $20 about six years ago.  Hey, it’s like 27 inches and very decent for running Netflix from a Wii!  For an old CRT TV.  Which I hear is way too ancient these days.

Now don’t worry.  I’m not as out of date as my TVs are.  The only reason the situation had gotten so bad is because we’ve been spending the entire tech budget on computers, laptops, and smartphones.  Since the internet is finally making it to the TV, it is finally time to think about having a nice and decent one for those features.

So connectivity will be a major point I’m looking at in this blog, but affordability and reliability will be the next major focus.  Since my fiancee is in grad school, we can’t just drop a few grand on the latest greatest TV that will probably break down in a year or two.  I’m definitely looking for something that performs well – and for a long time – at a competitive price.

Of course, the damn thing has to look good, too!  Especially when we’re dealing with output from a laptop or other electronic device.  It is an HD TV after all, and delivering a good picture is the primary job.

Am I asking too much?  Of course, but that’s where the research comes in!  By analyzing the market, understanding the limitations and tradeoffs inherent in the technology, and comparison shopping at several retailers, I should be able to find exactly what I’m looking for at an affordable price.

Well, it might take a while too, but I’m not in much of a rush!

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